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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brandied Cherries with Cinnamon Bark

Here's a great recipe for something unusual and quick you can make with fruit from the Farmer's Market. The recipe calls for cherries, but I had enough liquid left over to make a small jar of brandied apricots, too. I plan to use the cherries and apricots on top of honey vanilla ice cream, but the recipe says to use them in cocktails instead of marachino cherries.

One drop of cinnamon bark essential oil is plenty to give you just the right amount of spice. I dropped it onto a spoon before mixing it into the warm, honey liquid, that way, if more than one drop came out, I wouldn't have an overly spiced jar of cherries!



1 lb pitted Ranier cherries (or a mixture of black cherries and Ranier)
1 cinnamon stick (about 3” long) or 1 drop cinnamon bark essential oil
1 ¼ C honey
1 cup brandy
1 C spring water

Put cherries and cinnamon stick (if using) into a 1 qt sealable glass container, such as a mason jar.

Warm honey, brandy, and water in a small saucepan until the honey is thoroughly dissolved. Add one drop cinnamon bark essential oil (if using instead of the cinnamon stick).

Pour liquid over cherries and let cool to room temperature (1 or 2 hours).

Seal jar and chill until cherries have shrunk and absorbed liquid, and are flavorful, at least one month and up to 4 months.

Brandied cherries and apricots.