"Throw away the crutch of knowledge and use the Knowing..." Thomas Elpel.

The Power of Plant Oils is a forum for learning about the therapeutic use of essential oils.
This 13 module course is a means of acquiring the knowledge and experience so you can KNOW the properties
and uses of the plants and their oils.

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Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop

Welcome to the informational page for our Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop. This class provides a brief introduction to the use of essential oils for laypeople and professionals alike.

Not sure if you want to take our year-long certification course?

Try this workshop first. We will talk about ten foundational essential oils and oil blends that should be in everyone's home "medicine" cabinet.

Interested only in essential oils for personal use?

This workshop is a stand-alone, experiential class that will give you enough information to get you started on helping your family and friends have better health with the help of natural plant oils.

Details about the workshop:

 To be announced
Date: January 2015
Time: 7-9PM
Cost: $5.00 covers the materials used in class.

Optional ten basic essential oils kit: $135.00 retail, $110.00 wholesale.

Call Dr. Lisa Moore at 530.613.0831 with questions or to register.