"Throw away the crutch of knowledge and use the Knowing..." Thomas Elpel.

The Power of Plant Oils is a forum for learning about the therapeutic use of essential oils.
This 13 module course is a means of acquiring the knowledge and experience so you can KNOW the properties
and uses of the plants and their oils.

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Free Introdution to Essential Oils Class

This class is a basic introduction to the use of essential oils and should whet the appetite of those who may want to learn more.

We will cover a short history of essential use throughout the ages, find out what essential oils are and why plants make them, and discover why we might want to use them for healing. There will be a few samples of aromatic oils as we discuss how to choose the best quality, therapeutic essential oils.

Cost: This class is FREE and open to anyone interested in learning more about essential oils and aromatherapy. Please register so we may know how many chairs to set out.

Location: None scheduled at this time.


Time: 7-9PM

Instructor: Dr. Lisa Moore, Chiropractor and Registered Aromatherapist.

Please call Dr. Moore at 530-613-0831 for questions about upcoming classes.

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