"Throw away the crutch of knowledge and use the Knowing..." Thomas Elpel.

The Power of Plant Oils is a forum for learning about the therapeutic use of essential oils.
This 13 module course is a means of acquiring the knowledge and experience so you can KNOW the properties
and uses of the plants and their oils.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012



A new Aromatherapy Certification Course begins Monday, October 8th at Sutter Medical Center in downtown Sacramento (28th and L). We will meet in the 7th floor boardroom. Although we have a nice sized class and the manuals have been ordered, I will still accept registrations until the first class. After that, registration will close and the next class will not begin until the Spring. Here's a note I penned on the Fair Oaks class page. The sentiments still apply:

Dr. Lisa Moore
"I believe in experiential education with as much interaction and hands-on work as possible. We sample essential oils of all grades and types, pass around plants for students to touch, taste, and smell, and I encourage full participation from everyone in the class. Each person chooses two essential oils to research and present to the group. We have mini quizzes at the beginning of each lesson and a final exam at the end. This should prepare students to take and pass both the certification examination given by the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and the national registration examination offered by the Aromatherapy Registration Council.

"This class is for you if you are interested in acquiring an in-depth aromatherapy education to help you with patients or clients. It is specifically designed for heath care professionals who want the technical expertise to use essential oils in a clinical setting."

The good news is that more health professionals are becoming interested in learning about and applying aromatherapy in their work. The hospitals are starting to notice the benefits of essential oils and want to incorporate them in some areas of their facilities. Let's hope the interest continues to grow, especially in light of the recent outbreak of MRSA at a few area hospitals :-( 

If you'd like to join us, please click on the tab to the right or go straight to the registration page here.


I'm happy to report that the free-to-the-public presentations at Sutter hospital have been well received. The last one was "Natural Solutions for Stress and Adrenal Fatigue" and it included nutritional and essential oil recommendations for the effects of stress. The next one, which is scheduled for November 20th, is "Boosting the Immune System with Essential Oils". Here are the details:

Location: Sutter Medical Center, downtown, 28th and L, Buhler Building, room 220.
Date: November 20th, 2012
Topic: Boosting the Immune System with Essential Oils
Contact person: Theresa Johnson, Sutter Resource Librarian (916)733-3880

I plan to expand the stress presentation to a full, three hour workshop with more essential oil information. This should come together in February of 2013.


We still have room in the first of many (I hope) aromatherapy journeys to locations where essential oils are grown, harvested, and distilled.  The first one will take place from October 19th through 23rd to Sedona, Arizona. We will visit with Max and Clare Licher who specialize in distilling native, Southwestern plants for their essential oils. Saturday, the Lichers will teach us about the traditional uses for these plants as we travel to the surrounding locations to gather the raw materials for distillation. On Sunday, we will fire up the still and watch the glorious alchemy take place! Monday, we take a trip to the Grand Canyon area for more study of the native plants, including Mexican arnica, and to enjoy the spectacular scenery. Tuesday is a short, private hike to the Red Rocks of Sedona and native ruins.


Date: October 19th through 23rd
Workshop cost: $375.00 including the Grand Canyon day
Extra costs: Approximately $150.00 for ground transportation and the private tour.

Please contact me for more information, to register, and to coordinate travel details: 530-613-0831.