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Sunday, April 7, 2013

How Plant Oils Contribute to the Smell of Rain

A recent article in Smithsonian.com illustrates one more way that plants use volatile oils. The story also highlights the connections between plants and humans and how we've co-evolved for our mutual benefit. In our Biology of Essential Oils module, we talk about three reasons that plants make essential oils: 1) To repel predators, bugs, and anything that may do them harm 2) As signalling mechanisms to attract pollinators, warm other plants of impending danger (such as an herbivore that just chomped on one of the plant's leaves), and to appeal to humans who will cultivate them more 3) To protect the plant when it's stressed, such as during drought (plant oils conserve moisture). Read the article below and see if you can pick out another reason plants make essential oils.

What Makes Rain Smell So Good?